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About Pacific Rim Bloodhound Rescue

Pacific Rim Bloodhound Rescue was formed by the members of Pacific Rim Bloodhound Club to help provide shelter, veterinary care, and love to homeless bloodhounds until a permanent home could be found. We work to educate the public about our breed and the responsibilities involved in owning a bloodhound.

Our dogs come to us from shelters, and humane societies as well as from individuals and families who can no longer maintain their bloodhound(s).

All bloodhounds entering our program are evaluated for health and temperament. All dogs are spayed and neutered and receive all vaccinations before being placed. All of our dogs are tested for heartworm before they are available for placement.

All of our dogs are placed in prospective homes on a trial basis. If at the end of the trial period things seem to be satisfactory for the dog and for the new owners, then all health records will be sent to the new owner. If, for whatever reason, the owner or the adoption committee determines that this is not a suitable placement, the dog will be returned to the adoption committee.

Qualification for adopting a bloodhound…

A fenced yard is a must. Most bloodhounds can and will live comfortably out-of-doors if shelter from the sun, rain and cold are provided; but without a sturdy fence of at least four feet at the lowest point, secured to prevent escape, the dog is likely to escape and be lost or killed.

Bloodhounds can never be allowed to run off-leash. Because of their powerful sense of smell and their extreme determination, bloodhounds will take off after a scent and not come back when called.

Bloodhounds are usually good with children and other dogs and pets. We do not recommend placing an adult bloodhound of unknown circumstance into a household with small children.

Pacific Rim Bloodhound Rescue runs strictly on a volunteer basis. We are a non-profit organization. The adoptive family is required to pay an adoption fee which helps to cover the medical of the dog while in foster care. Maintaining a bloodhound can be expensive. If the adoptive family cannot afford the adoption fee, then it cannot afford the long term care and feeding of the bloodhound.

What if I can no longer keep my bloodhound?

Our adoption program will take bloodhounds from individuals provided the dog meets our criteria for adoption. The dog must be free of any severe medical problem which could cause long-term veterinary expense on the part of PRBR or a prospective owner. In addition, we must be told if a dog has bitten a human or attacked another animal.

We ask that individuals relinquishing a dog provide a donation to assist in the care of the dog while in foster care.

Yes, I am interested in adoption, who do I contact?

For more information about bloodhounds or Pacific Rim Bloodhound Rescue, contact:

Pacific Rim Bloodhound Rescue

Terri Coffey, Placement Coordinator

70460 Nick Thomas Rd.

Rainier, OR 97048


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