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ATHFAR Bloodhound Rescue

Bloodhounds Available for Adoption

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Eddie is approximately 18 mos. old. He is a neutered red male
who is housebroken, crate trained and he LOVES ALL KIDS,
PEOPLE AND DOGS!  He's also great w/ cats.
Started in the harness and shows great promise.

Please contact Jess Sokoloff for information about adopting me.

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Squirrel is a red spayed female who is
approx. 2 y.o.  She is somewhat miniature due to
poor nutrition from a young age. She still has
quite a ways to go to get up to an ideal weight.
SHe is housebroken and crate trained, LOVES
little kids and warms up fast to new people and
other animals. She is a pet candidate only due to
being somewhat timid initially. She is very
gentle and is sweet as the day is long

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Julia is a spayed red female who we
estimate to be almost 4 y.o. She is housebroken
and very easy to handle- especially for grooming.
She is almost crate trained. Julia likes children
and warms up fast to new adults who speak kindly
to her. She wasn't abused that I can tell, but
was probably on the run for a long time before
being picked up as a stray so she is just
reserved about meeting new people initially. Once
she knows you'll also be a source of love, she'll
be your best buddy.

Jess Sokoloff
(719) 687-9812

For an ATHFAR Rescue Adoption Application,
please email the above contact.

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