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SouthCentral Bloodhound Rescsue

Bloodhounds Available for Adoption


(Awaiting Photos & Info.  Check back in a couple weeks as photos are being taken now.)



Walt Partin


Bloodhounds Who Have Been Adopted

"I found my forever family at Southcentral Bloodhound Rescue!"

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adopted by Chuck & Colleen Davis
Anahuac Texas
July 3, 1999

"I also found my beloved family at Southcentral Bloodhound Rescue!"

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adopted by Terri Moore
Lansing, KS
August, 1998


Duke is a red male that was placed with Lt. Billy Wayne
Rogers of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Dept. in Huntsville, TX


Oma - currently being adopted by Spencer
and Jill Tanke of Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Mikey was found on a freeway in Houston and has recently been placed
in the home of his dreams with Robert & Lynda White.
His new name is Boliver!!  Way to Go Mikey!!

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