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ATHFAR Bloodhound Rescue

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ATHFAR Dog Rescue is a federally recognized, tax-exempt, privately run
dog shelter. We have a board of directors. We focus on Bloodhounds and
Belgian Malinois, but do place dogs of other breeds as well. Once a dog
arrives at ATHFAR, it is spayed/ neutered, vaccinated, microchipped
for permanent identification, crate-trained, housebroken, taught basic house
manners and leash skills, tested for working ability if applicable, and
thoroughly temperament tested in a variety of situations. There is an
adoption application, contract, and fee required to adopt a dog from
ATHFAR Dog Rescue. Free obedience lessons are included with all local
placements to help ease the dog's transition into its new home. For starters,
green, or previously worked dogs, we recommend spending some time
with the dog FIRST to learn how to read them and work them if your intention
is to continue with their training. This helps ease the transition of adding a new
dog to your home or work environment, allows you to develop a better working
relationship with the dog, and allows us to insure that we are making the right
match for both the dog and you based on what we see. Before placement, all
prospective families must fill out an adoption application and submit to verification
of any information given. All applicants will have a home check done by
a representative of ATHFAR. We work hard to match the right owner
with the right dog, and believe that this is why we have such a high success
rate in our placements. If you are interested in adopting a dog from
ATHFAR Dog Rescue, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Jess Sokoloff
(719) 687-9812

For an ATHFAR Rescue Adoption Application,
please email the above contact.

Bloodhounds Available For Adoption

ATHFAR's Website

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