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Mid-Atlantic Bloodhound Rescue Adoption Application




Home Phone)________________________Work Phone)___________________________________

How long have you lived at the above address?__________________________________________

Bloodhounds, like people are individuals. When a bloodhound is available for relocation, this
organization has tried to observe and/or evaluate the dog so that we can give you as much information
as possible. Please assist us by answering the following questions about yourself and what you expect
from a bloodhound.

What are your reasons for adopting a bloodhound?______________________________________


Who is living in the house (if there are children, please include ages)________________________


If you rent, has your landlord given permission for a dog this size?__________________________

Landlords Phone)___________________________

Where will your bloodhound spend most of it’s time?______________________________________

Who will have the major responsibility of caring for the dog?_______________________________

Will this person be home most of the time?__________________________

Will this be your first bloodhound?________________________________

What pets do you currently own? (type, sex, age)__________________________________________


What pets have you previously owned, and what became of them?___________________________


How will you exercise your dog?________________________________________________________

Size of yard?______________________________________ Is it fenced?__________________________

Type & Size of Fence______________________________________________________

Would you obedience train the dog?_____________

Would you train for trailing/tracking?__________

Veterinarian/Animal Hospital who will be taking care of the dog?____________________________


Vets Full Name and Address____________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________Vets Phone #___________________________

Age preference______________________Male or Female________________________

Please list the names, address & phone number of 3 references




If an unaltered bloodhound is available through this relocation program, I will have it altered within 30
days after receiving the dog. I also understand that the AKC registration papers will be held by MABR
until the surgical procedure is done and certification of same is received from a vet.

It is the policy of this committee to periodically pay follow up inspection visits and if at any time, there
seems to be a problem relating to the care, health and well being of the dog, it will be removed and
returned only if and when such problems are corrected.

Signature Date

Adoptions are NOT selected on a first come basis. We try to choose the most compatible environment for
our bloodhounds. We reserve the right to refuse adoptions to any potential applications.

Please mail completed form to:
Mrs. Cheryl M. Slavnik
1963 Hayes Rd.
Gloucester Point, Va. 23062

(804) 642-1857

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