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Mid-Atlantic Bloodhound Rescue

Bloodhound Rescue Success Stories Page 2

Daisy Mae - MABR Success


A letter from Susan ( who is the lucky adopter of Daisy Mae:

I have fallen head over heels for my little bloodhound girl. She is so endearing and learns really quickly. She's very attached to me and its mutual. She's been in a lot of different situations and she's gotten along famously with all dogs, adults and children. I'm happy she likes my friends because they love her. People are clamoring to dog sit her but I won't leave her side if I can possibly help it. You've got a conversion for life. We start obedience training Monday with a private lesson and then will take classes in the fall. She and I will live in Michigan this summer and everyone there is dying to meet her beautiful, smart self. She clearly was very loved and very well raised. If the occasion arises for her former family to know, I am grateful for all they did for her and how much they loved her. It shows. I am loving her and appreciating her and feeling totally blessed. Thank you for caring for my girl until I could make her a wonderful home. She is the love of my life!

Suzie - MABR Success


Suzie came to MABR after being turned in to MABR from a correctional facility.
Suzie was very thin and loaded with worms when we got her.
After Suzie was free of worms and had weight put back on,
she was adopted by Barnstable County Sheriff's Dept. as a working dog.

Take A Look At Suzie Now!!

Honey - MABR Success


Honey came to MABR, after she showed up on the porch of an elderly lady during a rain storm.
After the lady placed an ad in the paper, and no one claimed Honey, MABR was contacted.
Honey was quite over weight when she came to MABR, as the nice elderly woman who cared
for her fed Honey what ever Honey wanted. After Honey was trimmed down, she was adopted
into a great home with her new mom and dad (seen in the photo with Honey).

Sarah - MABR Success


Sara came to MABR after her owner newborn baby was found to be allergic to her.
Sara was adopted into a home with a man who owned his own business.
Sara became the business's mascot, and goes to work each and ever day with her new owner.

Gump - MABR Success


Gump came to MABR after his owner could not handle a dog this size. Gump was a very active young unneutered boy, and had a way of getting away with what ever he wanted with his old owner. After being neutered and worked with, Gump settled down, and is doing great in his new home, where he has his own kids to play with.

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Cheryl Slavnik

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