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Mid-Atlantic Bloodhound Rescue

Bloodhound Rescue Success Stories Page 3

Jimmy and Rudy Jimmy
Jimmy and Rudy Spoiled Jimmy


"Jimmy" was adopted by a MABR transport volunteer. Jimmy is very happy living with his new friend "Rudy" (also a bloodhound). Jimmy is being spoiled rotten as can be seen in the picture. Jimmy was one of three bloodhounds that came to MABR from a puppy mill. Jimmy along with his brother Bill and Bill's daughter were all adopted into wonderful "forever homes."

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"Red" (top) and Eunice (bottom)

Eunice was adopted a year ago by a great couple, who she is now spoiled by. The young couple who adopted Eunice have given her a wonderful life in her "forever home."  And, Eunice has filled their lives with love.  The story doesn't end there. I received an email a month ago from this couple, they were looking to adopt another bloodhound, for a companion to them and Eunice.  The day they came to visit the dogs at MABR, I was out picking up yet another rescue.  Well, it seems Amy had fallen in love with all the dogs, but knew she only had room for one more (if she had room, she would have taken them all to include mine).  Amy came over the following day, and adopted "Red."  Off Amy went with Red in tow (or should I say off Red went, with Amy in tow) to Red's "forever home."  Well, it seems Eunice and Red got along great right from the get go, and are best buddies now.  Here are 2 pictures of Red doing what he likes best and one of Amy with Eunice.  Thank you Amy and Chris for giving the dogs a loving home.

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Flash was adopted into a wonderful home with Bob and Deb in PA.  Flash joins another bloodhound Sadie and Barron a German Shepherd. Flash now lives the life of leisure.

Lady and Doodles Lady and Doodles


After months of medical care, and being in foster, Lady and Doodle have found their forever home with Bob and Deb their new parents. Lady and Doodle will be joining two bloodhounds, "Flash" (above) who was adopted from MABR and Sadie. The girls will also have another house mate, Barron a German Shepherd. The girls have been through a lot, and can now settle into a home where they will be pampered.  Though they will be missed greatly by everyone at MABR, we are very happy they have found a great home together.

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