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(Please review before filling out an application)

Date:________ Name of Adopting Party: ______________________________

Name of Adopted Dog:_____________________________________________

Date of Birth:____________ Sex:_________ Color:______________________

There is an adoption fee of $125. This fee will cover the dog's medical, boarding and other expenses. Upon adoption of the above said dog, it is agree that the following conditions will be met: - The dog will be provided clean water, proper shelter and a nutritious diet. - The dog will not be allowed to run loose and/or be out of immediate control at any time. - The dog will receive adequate exercise. - The dog will not be tied by rope of chain, but will be provided with an adequate enclosed/fenced area. - If for any reason, the adopting party is unable to keep the above said dog, NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue will be contacted.

- Not under any circumstances can the above said dog be placed in an animal shelter, pound or humane society, or be euthanized with out the prior consent to NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue.

- NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue will be notified in the event of the loss or death of the above said dog.

- NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue will not be legally responsible for the above said dogs actions after placement with the above named adopting party.

- (if applicable)The above named dog will be neutered/spayed within 30 days of placement.

It is the policy of NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue to periodically pay follow up inspection visits and if at any time, there seems to be a problem relating to the care, health and well being of the dog, it will be removed and returned only if and when such problems are corrected.

Signature ________________________________________


Adoptions are NOT selected on a first come basis. We try to choose the most compatible environment for our bloodhounds. We reserve the right to refuse adoptions to any potential applicants.

Mail completed document to:

Betsy Copeland
Northeast Bloodhound Rescue
3061 Moore Road
Ransomville, NY 14131
(716) 791-3550

Bloodhounds Available For Adoption

NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue Adoption Contract
(Please review this contract before filling out an application.)

NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue Adoption Application

NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue Placement Application

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