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Pacific Rim Bloodhound Rescue Committee
Who Are We?

Pacific Rim Bloodhound Rescue Committee was formed to provide shelter,
veterinary care and love to homeless bloodhounds until a permanent home
can be found. Our members include bloodhound owners in
Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.
Our program takes in homeless bloodhounds. The bloodhounds come to us
from shelters and humane societies, as well as individuals and families
who can no longer keep their bloodhound(s).
All bloodhounds are placed in prospective homes on a two-week trial basis.
If at the end of the trial period things seem to be satisfactory for the dog
and the new owner(s), then all health certificates and paperwork will be
sent to the new homes. If for whatever reason the owner or the
rescue committee determines that this is not suitable placement the
dog will be returned to the rescue.

What do I do if I can no longer keep my bloodhound?

Our rescue program will take bloodhounds from individuals provided
we feel that the dog meets our criteria for adoption.

In addition, we must know if a bloodhound has bitten a person or another dog.
Any biting incident will be investigated and the dog evaluated before
any placement is made. Any individual placing a bloodhound into the rescue
program will be asked for a donation to pay for food,
veterinary care and shelter until a suitable home can be found.

About Pacific Rim Bloodhound Rescue Committee

"How do I adopt a bloodhound?"

1.  To adopt a bloodhound from PACIFIC RIM BLOODHOUND RESCUE COMMITTEE, please complete an adoption application.

2.  Once we receive your application, we will call and discuss your
application and the breed.

3.  During this phone call, we will also make an appointment to come out and
look at your fencing.  Fence height should be 5-6' high, and provide a
secure enclosed area.

4.  During the home check, we'll discuss what bloodhounds are available, and
which might best fit into your home situation.

5.  Adoptions are NOT handled on a first come first serve basis.  Our goal
is to match the preferences indicated on the adoption application, with a
bloodhound that we feel would best fit into your home environment
considering children, other pets, visitors, etc.

6.  All bloodhounds are placed on a two week trial period.

7.  An adoption donation is requested on all bloodhounds to pay for
veterinary care, food, medication, etc.

8.  ALL bloodhounds are spayed/neutered before placement.

9.  Thank you for considering a bloodhound, they are a great breed, but not
for everyone.  Please ask lots of questions, and be prepared to be asked
lots of questions.

Pacific Rim Bloodhound Rescue Committee - CONTACT:

Terri Coffey

Suzi Paine

Bloodhounds Available For Adoption


Pacific Rim Bloodhound Rescue Committee Adoption Application

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